Fivemanage SDK for FiveM
Installation & Setup

Installation & Setup

  1. Download the SDK: Obtain the latest release of the Fivemanage SDK from the release page (opens in a new tab). Ensure you download the file. It's recommended to download this release instead of cloning the repository unless you intend to build the project yourself.

  2. Extract to Resources: Unzip and place the fmsdk folder into your FiveM server's resources folder.

  3. Setup Dependencies: If not already present, download and set up screenshot-basic by following its installation instructions (opens in a new tab). This resource is essential for capturing client screen images.

  4. Configure Server CFG:

    • Make sure screenshot-basic is started before fmsdk in your server.cfg. Add the following lines:
      ensure screenshot-basic  # Only add this line if `screenshot-basic` is not already ensured in your configuration.
      ensure fmsdk    # The SDK must be started after the `screenshot-basic` resource.
    • Add the following ConVars to your server.cfg for API authentication:
      set FIVEMANAGE_MEDIA_API_KEY your_api_key
      set FIVEMANAGE_LOGS_API_KEY your_api_key
      Learn more about ConVars in the FiveM documentation (opens in a new tab).
  5. Resource Config: Review and adjust the settings in config.json to match your preferences and requirements. This file contains important configuration options that affect how the SDK operates on your server.